About Crooked Raven Forge

Crooked Raven Forge is home to the creative metalwork of Rick Crelia (that's me!). My journey began in 2009 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA, and now my studio is currently in hiatus mode until I setup a new studio in my new home of western North Carolina near Asheville. Before the big move, my shop was part of the unique and amazing Equinox Studios artist collective in Seattle, WA.

I use blacksmithing and metal fabrication techniques in making sculpture and functional metal art. I work mainly in steel and copper, creating hand-forged sculpture and objects that are often organic and familiar yet a bit otherworldly based on the prevailing whim. While my process varies, the cycle of transition (durable-plastic-durable) remains a consistent element that grounds and informs my path with the material. For me, forging metal is a poetic journey in craft.


Crooked Raven Forge
250 Brevard Road
Asheville, NC 28806 USA